About Beth Whitney

Beth Whitney, watercolor painter, at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

Beth at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden

About Beth Whitney

Mission & Process

My purpose in painting is to celebrate the beauty of nature through the dynamic medium of watercolor.  All of creation proclaims the glory of God, and we're surrounded by the evidences of His gorgeous handiwork.  Living in the beautiful state of Maine, I find wonderful places to inspire my creativity everywhere I turn.  I enjoy photographing and painting this beauty to share with others.

I'm particularly fascinated by the interplay of light in the natural world as it illuminates colors, textures, and subtle details you might otherwise miss.  I don't really paint light itself, more what light is doing or revealing on my subject.  Watercolor’s transparent nature is perfect for this.  My goal is to create an authentic representation of my subject so that viewers feel like they could step into the painting and into that moment.  It's realism infused with life, if that makes sense.

I love how art speaks to each person a little differently.  It evokes the nostalgia of a special place or memory, provides an escape from daily life (or long winters!), and brings healing as people contemplate the beauty and rhythms of nature.  It's wonderful as an artist to know that my paintings have brought people joy and added beauty to their lives.

Background & Education

I was raised along the coast of Maine and have been an artist for as long as I can remember.  Whether hiking in Acadia National Park, collecting sea glass on Deer Isle, searching for moose in Baxter State Park, rock-hopping on Schoodic Point, exploring the latest blooms at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, or taking a day sail from Camden, I have always been enchanted by the beauty of Maine.  Today, most of my time is spent in the midcoast.  I never go far without my camera so I can capture reference material for future paintings.

My parents are both very creative - Mom is an avid gardener and jewelry artist, and Dad is a naturalist, photographer, and musician.  Their love of beauty and the natural world provided an excellent foundation for my painting and continues to inspire me today.

I had the most wonderful high school art teacher, Ken Mike, who taught me the foundations of drawing, observation, and color, but I'm primarily self-taught when it comes to painting.

I have a BA in English with History & Bible minors from Cedarville University, and an MS in Library & Information Science from Simmons University.


Over the years, my paintings have been exhibited through several galleries, numerous juried art shows, and a number of invited exhibitions. One career highlight was an extended solo exhibition in the Presidential suite of the Maine State Senate.

Today, my work is available through the web, easily accessible for everyone to enjoy and purchase regardless of where they live.  I enjoy engaging with collectors personally, learning about why they chose a particular painting, and any history they have with the featured location. 


My original watercolors have been widely collected for more than 20 years.  They are included in many private art collections throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.  It's amazing to me how many people know and love Maine.