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How closely do the images on the computer match the actual painting?

Fairly closely, but it really depends on your monitor's resolution and the kind of computer you are using. They look very different on Macs than they do on PCs. I use a Mac in my studio, so I try to get the color to match the painting. Most of my paintings feature naturally bright, sunny skies with puffy clouds and feature some kind of water. I try to be as true to the original scene as possible with natural colors, so keep this in mind when viewing. If you're looking at a terrifying teal blue ocean, chances are pretty good it's a resolution issue!

Some of the paintings in the archive are not as clear as they could be, but that's because I photographed/sold them before I had a good digital camera.


What is the difference between image size and frame size?

Image size is the part of the painting you can see (inside the mat). Mat or frame size is the part of the painting and mat that actually fit inside the frame. This is the dimension you need when purchasing a frame.


Do you paint commissioned pieces?

Occasionally, but it really depends on the subject matter and whether or not I have taken the original photo and how well I "know" the subject. Some scenes are just not inspiring to me (even if I have taken the picture), which means the painting process is very difficult and the results may not be to my liking (or yours). I welcome suggestions of particular subjects or locations for future paintings, so please let me know what interests you.


Can I make prints or cards of a painting I buy from you?

Definitely not. The paintings and all content on the website are copyright protected and the images belong to me. If you have a question about this, please contact me. I have recently started having giclee prints made of select paintings. If there's a painting you think should be printed, let me know.

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When do you update the website?

Immediately after a painting sells, when I have added new content, or if the current layout needs to be shaken up a bit. Here's a hint, the images on the home page slideshow usually change when the site has been updated. The site you're currently viewing is completely new!


I am interested in a painting that is no longer on the website. Where did it go?

Chances are that it is still available, but was removed to make room for new work. Or it may have sold and I didn't get around to adding it to the archive. I like to rearrange paintings on the site so that they seem fresh and new. If you email me about a certain painting, I can tell you for sure.


I have one of your paintings in my collection, but I notice it's not featured in the Painting Archive on the site. How do you choose which paintings to include in the archive?

If the painting is not in the archive, chances are that I don't have a good digital image of it. Watercolors are really hard to photograph even with a great digital camera. I've been painting for a long time, so I don't have high quality images of much of my earlier work. This is a point of frustration for me, but I think the paintings currently in the archive represent the body of my work fairly well.


Who maintains the website?

Me! I'm responsible for the entire website, from concept to creation to maintenance. The site has had many incarnations over the past few years as I find better ways to display my work on the web. I'm in the process of designing a super cool responsive site.

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