"Ames Pond Waterlilies"

Stonington, Maine

Watercolor painting of Ames Pond in Stonington, Maine by artist Beth Whitney | Downeast Watercolors

"Ames Pond Waterlilies" is an original Maine watercolor painting by Beth Whitney.

This beautiful view of Ames Pond in Stonington, Maine shows the prolific pink waterlilies in full bloom. There are white and yellow lilies as well, just not from this angle.

This hidden gem is at the end of the Indian Point Road (go through town, water on your right, and keep going until you run into the pond, figuratively). In this summer, it's literally covered in waterlilies. It's a great place to spot otters, beavers, ducks, and great blue herons (my favorites).

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Watercolor on paper | Private collection