"East Quoddy Head Lighthouse"

New Brunswick, Canada

Painting of East Quoddy Light on Campobello Island, New Brunswick by Beth Whitney | DowneastWatercolors.com

"East Quoddy Head Lighthouse" (aka Head Harbour Light) is an original watercolor painting featuring the red and white lighthouse on the northern head of Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.

This beautiful lighthouse is located just across the border from Maine. You'll pass Campobello, the wonderful summer residence of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor.

If you plan your visit carefully, you can walk around the lighthouse at low tide. The tide does come in quickly, so if you forget to keep an eye out, you may find yourself waiting for the next low tide! I have never had the courage to climb the very vertical metal ladders to the lighthouse, but I've boldly taken pictures from the top of the cliff. It's a pristine, unspoiled area.

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Watercolor on paper | Private collection