Monhegan Island, Maine

Watercolor painting of Whitehead cliff on Monhegan Island, Maine by artist Beth Whitney | Downeast Watercolors

"Whitehead" is an original Maine watercolor seascape painting by Beth Whitney.

Waves crash against Whitehead, one of Monhegan Island's most iconic cliffs. It's a spectacular view with the cliff on the left and open sea beyond. Head to the lighthouse (of course), then continue on the the Whitehead trail. This is the first of a series of Monhegan paintings I have in my queue. It took me 3 weeks to complete because of the details in the rocks. I love how the water seems to be moving (you really get the feeling of movement when you stare about 2" below the horizon - it's as if the sea is breathing).

Monhegan is located about 10 miles out at sea, and the island itself only takes up about 1 square mile. You can take day trips from New Harbor or Port Clyde, hike around, have an excellent chicken salad sandwich and ice cream, and make it back to home before dark. It's a wonderful ride on a warm summer day. I recommend planning ahead and staying for a night or two so you can leisurely do all of the trails. I haven't done this (yet), but I think I'm the only artist I know who hasn't. I'm definitely going back for lupine season!

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Watercolor on paper | Private collection