"Witch Hole Pond"

Acadia National Park, Maine

Painting of Witch Hole Pond in Acadia National Park in Maine by artist Beth Whitney | DowneastWatercolors.com

"Witch Hole Pond" is an original Maine watercolor painting by Beth Whitney.

Witch Hole Pond is a beautiful spot in Acadia National Park. You can access it from several places, including the visitor center in Hulls Cove. I like the parking area by the Duck Brook Bridge (the one with the lookouts on the sides).

Contrary to the curious name, there's nothing creepy or strange about the pond. It's a very pretty walk that you can extend by taking various carriage roads along the way. Lots of people run and ride bikes there as well. I've seen beavers, muskrats, turtles, and many birds. Champlain Mountain is off in the distance - doesn't it look just like a turtle?

My favorite part about this painting is the wind. You can't see it, but you can see what it's doing (blowing the grass, trees, and rippling the surface of the pond).  It's also neat beacuse the cool blue water contrasts beautifully with the warm russet and gold grass.

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Watercolor on paper, 8x12"
Private collection