"Dodge Point"

Newcastle, Maine

Watercolor painting of Pebble Beach and ocean by Beth Whitney

"Dodge Point" is an original Maine watercolor painting by Beth Whitney. 

This view is of Sand Beach, located along the Dodge Point Preserve's Shore Discovery trail.  It's a beautiful spot.  The is the second of three beaches in the preserve that follow the Damariscotta River.  It's a very popular spot year round, especially in the summer.  I love to stop here after my weekly visit to the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden.  I stop at the Dolphin dairy bar (seriously - best soft serve anywhere), and by the time I finish my treat, it's time to hike again.  The lot is often full, so you may have a wait.  When you're on the shore trail, it's tempting to try to walk along the water's edge, beach to beach, but you'll end up backtracking.  I got some extra miles in once last summer trying this.  Still fun to be out there. 

My Seascapes Gallery has more beautiful watercolor paintings featuring Maine's beautiful coastline.

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