"Goose Falls"

Harborside, Maine

Watercolor painting of Goose Falls whitewater rapids in Harborside, Maine

"Goose Falls" is an original Maine watercolor painting by Beth Whitney. 

Water swirls and dances around the rocks at Goose Falls in Harborside, Maine. The whitewater outlet for Goose Pond leads to the waters of Cape Rosier (directly behind me). The pond is part of the delightful Holbrook Island Sanctuary. It's such a beautiful area with some of the showiest lupine displays I've seen.

I love the colors in the rapids as light plays on the water and teases at the sharp rocks below the water's surface. The dynamic falls lead you to the peaceful pond beyond. It was a very challenging painting and is one of my personal favorites. You can almost hear the water if you listen!

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Watercolor on paper | Private collection