"Morgan Bay"

Surry, Maine

Watercolor painting of Great Head and Sand Beach in Acadia National Park Maine by artist Beth Whitney | Downeast Watercolors

"Morgan Bay" is an original Maine watercolor painting by Beth Whitney. 

This watercolor painting shows the view looking across Morgan Bay, across Mount Desert Narrows, to MDI and the mountains of Acadia. For those familiar with the area, I'm standing on the Morgan Bay Road, Newbury Neck Road is on the land across the way.  East Blue Hill is not far down the road to the right.  It's such a beautiful area.  It's funny how close Acadia looks from here, but you need to drive all the way back through Surry, Ellsworth, and Trenton, to get to the island.  Unless you have a boat.

My Seascapes Gallery has more dynamic watercolor paintings of Acadia National Park and other coastal locations.

Watercolor on paper | Private collection