"Stone Barn in Winter"

Salsbury Cove, Maine

Winter painting of the historic stone barn in Salsbury Cove, MDI, Maine by artist Beth Whitney | DowneastWatercolors.com

"Stone Barn in Winter" is an original Maine watercolor landscape painting by Beth Whitney.

This view shows the historic stone barn in winter, which is unusual for me. I normally paint happy summer scenes (winters in Maine can get long), but this barn really lends itself to a snowy backdrop. The roof, the cobblestones, granite, red trim, great doors, patriotic flag, and wreath all contrast beautifully with the bluey shadows in the snow.

For perspective, I took the reference photo after a big storm, and I'm across the street by the pasture (see the fence posts without the fencing?). The plow had only been through once, so I just filled Crooked Road in with snow. That's why it looks like the barn is a little further off the road than it really is.

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Watercolor on paper, 8x12"
Private collection